We will have a sneak peak preview time for Press, please contact to book an appointment between 5pm to 7pm on Friday night or to make alternate arrangements.  

Press Release

Calling all LEGO fans, both young and old!
If you’re looking for a fun and family-oriented event where you can browse amazing LEGO built creations you do not want to miss Brickfete!

There are all kinds of amazing things to see, from star wars or space display to skyscrapers, castles to pirate ships, trains to robots, sculptures to mosaics and more! All under one roof with affordable ticket prices.   The event has a huge collection of outstanding displays and creations made by adult hobbyist.  All displays have been built with great attention to detail and some have working lights or moving parts which will impress LEGO fans of all ages and hopefully inspire young builders. The events participants are primarily from Ontario but also includes the rest of Canada, many areas of the USA and other places around the world, such as Denmark, UK and Australia. 

The "Look What I Made" build area is an opportunity for the children to experience the joy of creating it themselves.  They can build, play and experiment with a large collection of LEGO bricks.  Adults can meet and discuss LEGO with expert builders and children can ask the builders questions or for advice.  The vendors offer a chance to purchase LEGO related items, such as minifigures, vintage sets, custom pieces, and exclusive event items. Avoid the ticket line by purchasing tickets online.

Brickfête Private Convention Info
Brickfête's private four day convention is an interactive conference for AFOL (adult fans of LEGO) including hobbyist exhibitors, collectors and vendors. They register for the event and gather for the purpose of sharing, building, displaying and learning from each other at an exclusively "all LEGO" event. There are activities and events which all lead up to the final display for the public to experience.  

Brickfête Public LEGO Fan Event Info
The public is welcomed to purchase a ticket to view the awesome LEGO creations on display during the public exposition hours (typically Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm). They are encouraged to interact with the many builders on site, as well as try their hand at building their own creation at our "Look What I Made" brick building area.  


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