PLEASE NOTE: This schedule may be subject to change.  These activities are for Registered Exhibitors only!






 7 am 


Open for Exhibitors
Registration continued



 8 am

Staff Only

Opens for Exhibitors
 9 am Ticket Staff Set Up

Ticket Staff Set Up

10 am

Opening Ceremonies
& Attendee Raffle

Opens to Public from 10 am - 3pm
11 am
 Noon Lunch Break
 1 pm Staff Only

Speed Build

 2 pm
 3 pm Ticket Sales Closed
 4 pm Registration 
for Exhibitors
Yard Sale

Public Viewing Closed

 5 pm

Lanyards first 
before setting up!



Pack up


Dinner Break

 6 pm

Meet & Greet
Brick Trivia


Dirty Brickster
($20 item) 

Awards, Contests
& Karma

(18+ to bid)

All payments for 
auction items are 
due by 11 pm

See you... 
at Brickfete 2015!

 8 pm

LUG Round Table
Host: ParLUGment

Private Tour



 9 pm Hang out
Play Brick Area
10 pm    


 Highlighted in pink - Is for staff and coordinators ONLY. 

Highlighted in blue - DO NOT MISS Events, you should try your best attend

Each event has the host and location in red print. (Still to come)

PLEASE NOTE: Check back often, schedule subject to change.  
Final copy of schedule will be posted at the venue on the Event Board.


Volunteers make this event happen and we would really appreciate your help! 

Let us know what you are willing to do or the kind of volunteer job you would be comfortable doing. Please contact us

A huge thank you to everyone that volunteers their time to help us make Brickfête a success!

The 2014 Brickfête Team

Organiser - Janey Gunning
Press Manager - Chris Magno
Sales & Presentations 
- Jeff Van Winden
Event Hospitality - Jude Beaudin
Show Services
 - Brandon Pernat 
Technical Engineer - Andy Gunning Cook
Photography - Alex Gunning


Security Coordinators - N.A.
Promotion Coordinator -
Host LUG

Architecture Coordinator - Robert Turner
Art Coordinator - Janey Gunning
Historical Coordinator - Jeannine Cloutier
Space & Scifi Coordinator - Dave Koudys
Town & Train Coordinator - 
Technic/GBC Coordinator - 
Technic/Robotic Coordinator - 

Translations - N.A.
TechBall - Jeannine Cloutier
Dirty Brickster - Jeff Van Winden

Our volunteers are a precious resource we can not afford to lose, so please treat them kindly.  The Brickfête Team works very long and exhausting hours, so harsh criticism is not welcome.  We do not make decisions lightly or without weighing the pros and cons.  If you feel you have a better way we suggest that you be willing to step up to the plate and take a place on the team.